Poseidon, bronze sculpture with the force of the sea – German Arzate Garza

Poseidon was one of the first and most important bronze sculptures that I made. I have always been a great sea enthusiast and all the mythology around it.

My proposal lies in the fusion of opposites, in their contradictory union, however, thanks to the aesthetic that allows me to express myself as a Mexican sculptor given to the concept placed in each work where I manage to unite said opposites in a concise expression using sculptures of bronze as an expressive material.

I have always related the force of the sea with its manifestation in a God as imposing and impressive as is Poseidon.

For me, Poseidon marked the strength, the tendency and the authority in a bronze sculpture.

Making Poseidon was a precious challenge, my purpose was to achieve the symbiosis between man and nature, fish and human being, water, and land.

From there came the idea and the source of this bronze sculpture.

I try to represent in every bronze sculpture I make, the relationship between man and nature, I explore how human aspects intervene in it and with animals, plants or even stars.

More than a tribute to the god, it is the water, the force, the human and the animals that inhabit the water.

Hence, let it be fish and human at the same time, let it be a dual species.

My bronze sculptures express fantastic realism. And this style lets you see the pieces. These works are not something abstract, something that demands too much of the imagination.

It is possible in this style to see the forms, to see men, women, animals and nature forming a symbiosis, another one outside that can be related, a duality, a perfect mimicry.

How to create a poem, emotion, a feeling, the viewer can find one or two meanings as you observe and dive into it. I make bronze sculptures that speak depending on where you see it.

During the process of Poseidon’s creation, conceptualization was very important from the beginning.

He wanted the bronze sculpture, had a staff and expressed all the years traveled, that represents in his position a way of saying: “here I am, present and alert.”

The position of alert, the way it’s turning the body to address the infinite with an intense and challenging look makes it a strong bronze sculpture for someone with power and recognition. Someone who has guidance as a gift and knows the direction he wants. That’s not easy to find.

That is why Poseidon carries the force of the sea inside, is a sculpture in bronze with an epic history because it involves going forward and with force.

Emotions like these are passed on to people who dominate their terrain and dominate what they do.

People who are leaders and say where to go.

For me, Poseidon can be exemplified in your day to day life. It shows how you manage your leadership and where you are going, your direction. If we had at least 1% of the force of the sea within us, we would have the intensity as the one that this bronze sculpture bears implicitly.

The time of the making of this sculpture was about a couple of months. It took me longer to give him that turn, that position of duality between man and God.

Duality has always been in me. It has always been a way of seeing the things I sometimes did not understand. I found faces in spots on the wall, in the clouds, everywhere.

Now I laugh and try to give each bronze sculpture different faces and meanings depending on the position where you look it.

He is somehow ready, watching attentive, alert. It could well be next to a lighthouse, like a majestic piece indicating the course to all boats or could be at the entrance of a mansion force dominance, of someone present.

The bronze sculpture of Poseidon has a series of emotions that I wanted to translate into a suitable size to be at the entrance of any place. It does not exceed the meter and would be a powerful piece of an entrance, a reception; Always at the head marking the trend and the course.

Making Poseidon has filled me with much joy and is one of my favorite bronze sculptures.

German Arzate, sculptor.

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