I am a Mexican sculptor who loves to work with duality – German Arzate Garza

I am a Mexican sculptor who offers oeuvres of dual visions, where I combine scenes charged with erotism and humanity, with natural/animal elements. This places me as a Mexican artist within the genre of Fantastic Realism.

The duality of being is a constant theme in my bronze sculptures: pleasure-pain, joy-sadness, male-female, solitude-company, love and heartbreak; these are leitmotifs that accompany my career as a Mexican sculptor.

In my pieces, I would like to work with certain creative and imaginative liberty, but with a little more clarity, compared to the artistic ruptures of half of the 20th Century.

My proposal can be found in the fusion of opposites, in the contradictory union which, notwithstanding, acknowledges the aesthetic that allows me to express myself as a Mexican sculptor who is committed to the concept placed within each piece, where I’m allowed to blend those dissimilarities in a concise expression, utilizing bronze as a communicative material.

However, in my artistic journey as a Mexican sculptor I have ventured into the expressive possibilities of other materials such as clay, pug, wood, marble, metals and acrylic.

A new generation mexican sculptor?

Even though I consider myself a new generation Mexican sculptor, I always return to the human and body elements in classical sculptural expressions; thanks to its attention to detail in the respect of facial and muscle representation and bodily motion.

It is of utmost importance to me, to positively reflect on my bronze sculptures the possibility to see, dream and toil; this goes according to my own ideals as a Mexican sculptor, and it is something I try to publicly refer to when interviewed about the motifs of my pieces.

Being an artist in Mexico offers me the possibility to delve into great imaginarums, where fantastic realism and the multiplicity of leitmotifs give me wide diversity and cultural influences. And as a Mexican Sculptor, I value the classical and original currents that this legendary land has provided, such as Frida Kahlo, Remedios Varo and many other worldly names.

My work explores with fascination the themes of erotism and that of the relationship of the human being with its wild side – an almost lost form of contemporary art, which is revived in my studio.

The rebellion of my style

My style favors rebellion but also integrates styles belonging to the cultural richness of Mesoamerican dynasties and Shamanic quests. I try to demonstrate this in my pieces and along my journey as a Mexican sculptor.

I try to represent in my bronze sculptures the relationship between men and nature. I explore the human aspects that intervene in it and with animals, plants, or even stars.

In the sculpture, “Rinoceronte” I express the union between the aggressiveness of the African animal and the reality of the human being. The fury of the beast is only reflected once an obstacle is found on the road. And the beast doesn’t hesitate to use its weapon to clear the way.

In this creature, the passivity of its day-to-day life meets the strength and fury displayed once it is faced by its enemies.

To me, as a Mexican sculptor, my work represents duality in three sources: a mystical one, where I speak about more metaphysical dualities such as the relationship between men and gods; a romantic one, where love is observed by the most extremes archetypes of pain and pleasure and; a natural one, where the animals portrayed suffer their own dualities, chiefly, those who compare them to human beings the most.

The product of my work as a Mexican sculptor is in constant experimentation, I work with different materials and in different ways. I strive to make my pieces objects filled with poetry, originality and meaning.

The meaning of my art

Poetry can transform anything and as a Mexican sculptor I try to demonstrate it by speaking of pain, in pieces such as “Mía” or “Dolores”, where I convey the great battle of heartbreak and the passion that ultimately dries up and defeats lovers.

In the former bronze sculpture, the union between the lover, who grasps the body of the loved one, is expressed, and in the latter, I display the body of a woman expressed in what seems to be giant gums, which deals with the irony of the pain caused by erotic desire.

Being an autodidact artist, I concentrate my work in these proposals that unite opposites and create harmony among contrasts

For example, in pieces such as “Equs” or “Toro Negro”, the animals are met with their own natural pain, provoked by human situations, like bullfighting, but claimed by the expression of beauty and might in front of these pains. Just like that, my work as a Mexican sculptor is portrayed and immortalized with attention to detail.

In other bronze pieces such as “Rey del mar”, I portray the mysticism of deities, comparing them to the tired men that sleep in anticipation of the moving tides.

The underwater world is a significant part of the expression of my work as a Mexican sculptor, because of my closeness to the sea. This is the result of my being the neighbor to the coasts of the Mayan Riviera.

When I see people gaze at the pieces in an art exhibit, I want them to touch them, to feel them. I would like that they could feel the same sensations I did when I was crafting them.

I have had the opportunity to be recognized as a Mexican sculptor and as frontrunner of contemporaneous fantastic realism in places like the Agora Gallery in New York City, where I offered a diverse sample of my proposal in February and March 2016.

Angela Di Bel, director of the Agora Gallery in New York City, commended me by saying some words I kindly appreciate: “I chose the work of Arzate because it speak of themes that keep fascinating in art: mysticism, love, pain and nature”.

I am a Mexican sculptor; I too live the duality between my art and professional life, in Cancun, Quintana Roo, where for years now I work as a dentist. Being a dentist is being a sculptor in miniature.

I kindly thank you for the attention to the proposal I presented, proudly, as a Mexican sculptor.


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