Bronze Sculptures that Speak to Human Nature – German Arzate Garza

My name is German Arzate and I am a self-taught Mexican sculptor. I mostly work with bronze, but have sculpted pieces out of different materials.
As a child I was drawn to the process of sculpture making. Playing in school with clay, I went beyond the animal figurines the other children made. I made my own new shapes.

In the Nature Collection, my style is evident through my bronze pieces. In them, animals reflect the qualities they share with us, human beings.

The entire Nature Collection carries the same line throughout, a line that imitates the natural curves of muscles, the wrap of a gust of wind around a figure, as if it were an exquisitely aerodynamic structure. In these cases I felt it best to express my works through bronze, a material I feel, that allows me to create different meanings in a single piece.
The source of these sculptures, besides what I’ve already described, is getting to the core of the animal world. This collection is the representation of the search for duality within a piece, in which nature and modernization occur.

This search, is my passion.

Nature has of man what man has of nature. This duality of existence runs throughout my pieces.

Before you beginning forming an animal figure out of bronze, you must first make the choice of detail versus style. The challenge presented when choosing style over detail is line placement. Where do they go? Around the muscles or do you create your own?


The lion is a stylized version of the original aesthetic and looks to evoke a modern feeling through classical bronze.
The fact that the lion has been a sigil of the greatest empires, is an attractive concept, making them universal symbol of authority, force, leadership.

The lion has been given many forms. Everpresent in castles, temples and palaces, in any shape given, the fiercest of feline’s imposing strength is evident.

Empires have always used the symbol of the lion to guard, to protect their guard in a show of leadership.
When creating this bronze, I realized you could keep a lion in your home. But why would you do so? What would you want to show?

At an energy level, the presence of a lion shifts it to an ambiance of strength and leadership. It denotes an empire…

Cubic Bull

When I first started this piece, the initial challenge was to submerge myself in the theme of bulls, what they inspire.
What I came to realize is that for the most part the conversation of bulls is mostly connotated by the acceptance of bull runs.

I’ve never taken part of this activity, and I would be the first one to do so if I felt the fight was fair. I believe that if something is fair, balanced, just, then why not…

For me, sculpting the bull has been the biggest challenge and now that I have completed it, I can tell you it is a hypnotic experience to feel the muscles forming under my hands. The movement, the surrender is truly captivating. I decided on a different material than bronze for the bull, to better render these meanings and tones.


I wanted to create a bronze feline that represented artfullness, sagacity, sensuality and elegance.

To me, Panther is a bronze work that represents readiness, force, attack.
A figure of representation, for when someone has a plan in mind, when they’re charging towards someone or something; how every movement is balanced. I saw this when a feline of this stature was stalking its prey. As a source of inspiration, this animal projects complete majesty.
When observing felines, their muscles are prominent to the eye. Their bones wrapped between flesh, and their steps unnoticeable but firm. That is how we should move about business and life.

This bronze piece is dedicated to a great planner, observer and executor. We see this everywhere in everyday life, from what we want to do, the decisions we want to make, how we handle the situations we face. Being cautious, exact and careful of our words and actions.

It takes a great deal of work to realize it, but it is part of a greater lesson, to achieve the perfection in a panther’s execution.

I worked on this piece for two months before I managed to give it its precise movement. Before I managed to perfect its tail, its claws, its muscles, its gaze in a single sculpture. I achieved elegance, balance, force and skill in a single piece.

Cubic Horse

Although I made this piece a while back, it was interesting to make because it was the first piece I made as part of the Nature Collection. I wanted to sculpt a different kind of horse, unlike the rest. To give it even more force and shine through style, but always resembling an Equine as is.

I wanted to express strength, liberty and dominance, and give it its own shine. For those who are not just horse lovers, but also like things done their way. For free, revolutionary, wild minds.

Why did I choose to create a horse in this particular style? It is a call to freedom, a call to doing things right with a constant, impetuous force. I enjoyed working under this modernist theme, which allowed me to give the creature a unique form, one that will stand time, styles and moments.
The feelings portrayed are those of wild minds, rebellion, passion for perfection, a need to go beyond established patterns. This is a strong soul, facing a future of possibilities standing on its hind hooves, celebrating freedom.
On a realistic level, some will relate to its mane, its pose, its elegance. This piece, containing that same elegance, can stand tall at any business or home, any bedroom or entrance. It reflects the horse aura we carry within us.
Because of its form, the bronze holds the horse’s strength and unique style.

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