Duality in ancient cultures, Mayas – German Arzate Garza

Every morning when I wake up, for me it becomes almost impossible to stop thinking how special it was before I saw this sunrise, there was a sky covered by an extensive darkness, as the first breath of a baby, gives way to life and as my own life, oriented by my masculinity of birth, would not have existed without the presence of a feminine essence that will encourage my existence. That’s duality.

But when I speak of duality, most of all its significant presence in many cultures and religions, especially in one as extensive and rich as that of the ancient Maya.

My life, that of all, is governed according to this culture by the constant presence of two principles of great supremacy that react independently, but that does not cease to have a leading role among themselves. In my studies and research to find new sources of inspiration for the realization of new expressions of art, I have been able to realize how the search to express harmony and balance in each of its cultural aspects is made present.

To live as a result of duality, is simply to understand that in life there will always be two forces that oppose and fight each other, but it is also true that in this struggle you can always get a harmony expression that can be admired.


The Descending God

The Majestic of heaven against the solidity and firmness of the face of the earth to welcome a divinity known popularly as the descending god. Imagining a god coming down from heaven to give divine presence to the peoples of the earth was something which was very common.

This God not only comes forth as an entity of force that comes from heaven, but also highlights the great differential line between the peoples that are on Earth, and that despite their differences the relationship in duality will always be present.

He is depicted with a figure: with his head facing the front, his arms hanging at his sides and legs bent as if he will be descending from the highest Heavens. Its historical representation and its rustic-traditional aesthetics make it much more striking to represent such important details of the culture.

Venus – the Evening Star

Just as the world can give me good news, for the Maya Venus meant much more than an evening star announcing the morning for almost 90 days in their calendar. This body of heavens showed a synonym for bad News, baleful omens and approximation of new wars that would affect the constant living of this culture. Once again, the duality of beliefs and influences of an ancient generation is present even in the organization of future events of this era.

The morning is meant for new beginnings, but a sky adorned with this morning star, marked the beginning of new reactions and actions that makes alarm to an entire culture.

On an artistic and sculptural level, Venus is represented as the warrior god who in his hands rests prepared arrows for attack, while on one side on the ground there is an enemy mortally wounded, who succumbs in pain by a dart in his body.

What makes us think of it as a heavenly element, of great brilliance and presence, brings with it an antagonist so dark and cruel, expressing highly conflicting emotions both visually and internally.


Feeling the power of the sun and the divinity of the Moon

Understand that constant harmonic struggle that is seen in the Mayan culture and in its history, it is not something that should only be admired through textbooks or visiting historical centers here in Tulum, I just have to admire my window and see how the sunlight reacts to the bodies of the Earth to create shadow in an enlightened world.

This same relationship is within me and is what I always seek to express in each of my works and sculptures, because as I can feel complicated emotions that seek to leave, I know very well that others can also witness this in their lives.

This is also reflected in the presence of the sun and the moon in a culture as large and extensive as the Mayan people, where the sun in expressing a constant beating of life and steadfastness, seeks to be in harmony with the delicacy and spiritual presence of the moon in the same sky.

Many stories say that both celestial bodies sought to fall in love and live together, but rarely in certain periods of time have been able to find to create events that have marked the history of our humanity.

Personally, I think that this search is not only reflected in history, it also makes a presence in my daily life, in my adult life and even in my life of memories, because internally we are always in that process of meeting ourselves, in order to express the best part of us.

Whether with words, gestures, music or in my case with sculptures and plastic expressions of art, being able to convey that harmony that is in the conflict of history is vital for growth and is something that has managed to inspire me in an exceptional ways.

I’ll never be light and I’ll never be dark, I’ll always be a living expression of both entities, who seeks with his hands to express found emotions, I still do not totally know me and live to know myself each day, but will not spend any day without stopping to thank this great Mexican influence, culture and its living torrent that still remains in progress for the present.

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