Fantastic realism bronze sculptures that speak about love – German Arzate Garza

In this bronze sculptures, love is a complex word, because more than that, it represents a feeling, an emotion, something not so tangible or palpable, it is something you either feel or you don’t.

Love too has been mentioned in infinite artistic questions, not only in bronze sculptures; in paintings, poetry and literature, it is a concept that is always intertwined to something that inhabits the shadows and dualities of also experiencing heartbreak.

When you craft a bronze sculpture, you pour love into it, you give presence to your presence, you deliver emotions and the feelings remain. The love of art, the time you dedicate to it, these are ways in which you can submerge, express, feel and romanticize.

It is all present there, in the bronze sculptures I craft.

You feel a particular love because this bronze sculpture was part of your essence, it is there and you shaped it, you left a legacy.

Here comes the artist, observing other artist when he feels love on things, when he takes a flower and caresses it, and feels its temperature, its texture, its shape and color.


This bronze sculpture is a poem to love in the form of a hug, a kiss, a penetration, a possession, of an endless thirst for whom you have in front of you.

The perfect form of duality within love because, it portrays the perfect possession.

It doesn’t matter if it’s a family member, a partner, a son or whoever surrounds you.

Loving so much, it becomes a part of you.

It represents masculine duality in the form of tightening, owning, touching, feeling, and making something your own, without limitations, and on the other hand, it represents the feminine side by portraying surrender, the giving, letting oneself go and flowing.

This duality exists in all men and women, it is awaked in both… and we have always played both roles.


Passion has always been part of my life when it comes to creating, and this was emphasized when I understood love, when I understood self-expression and how instincts worked. I realized then, that everything started in a mouth, neck, nose…

Passion that perhaps makes us think of bodies, towards the erotic, or something more grotesque. In here, passion is a subtle gesture; a look can become a flirt; a word a compliment; but passions begin with that graze, that touch and the feeling.

When I wanted to shape this piece, I would start by a mouth, a neck, a nose, but the doubt was whether if I should put the face or not, if all in all, a couple kissing, a couple looking at each other or, a couple feeling each other had to be something subtle. I wanted triangular and straight finishes so that all of the beauty would be concentrated in the light touch of two chins. That was the idea. I shaped the most difficult parts in a clay structure.

Pasíon is one of the bronze sculptures that transmit passion for life and things, the passion to do things, passion for oneself, passion towards that tight grip to those things you want, that search, the feeling and that resolution to fight for what you want. It also relates to couples; to love, this one, I have given to patients or friends who fight for a passion, for things or for partners, I doesn’t matter how you show it, and passion is what counts.

Toque íntimo

To me, this is one of the bronze sculptures that represent the sometimes physical, chemical or ethereal closeness between one person and another. I wanted to point that out very finely; erotically subtly but at the same time, mystical.

To me, hands have always been the most interesting tool to reach another. The touch, the feel, the caress, it is very important.

When I somehow feel that the closeness to someone may be felt by the last millimeter of my skin against theirs. There you find an electric discharge, an exchange of energy and adrenaline, emotion which marks a step closer to the unknown.

Feeling what the universe of that being next to you is. That is what I express in this collection of bronze sculptures.

It signifies that there are two worlds being merged in one universe. It is a see that becomes whole, a restless sea from which two hands emerge and each hand arises in a position where it spins in order to feel the other; the hand of men and women, which represent the masculine and feminine side, perfect symbiosis.

The strength, the energy that your hand contains when it approaches another one. The masculine side searching, feeling, subtly and simply touching the lobes of the hands causes the feminine hand to emanate shocks of electricity, represented by bolts. This way, an intimate touch is created in this bronze sculpture.

In this particular bronze sculpture, it was interesting to represent two hands in mid-courtship, where they are making each other feel electricity, but in the same time make it elegant and majestic. I had to look a lot into my own hands, the hands of others, and the positions, that was the most important.

If emotions always win, then your internal emotion is what you must feel; the intuition and the way in which you feel and make others feel.

It is just when you get close and somehow you share the perfect touch and turn around energetically to see how that electricity runs through you.

In these bronze sculptures, love is presented strongly and unmeasured but also subtly. This is the duality of feeling that has fascinated me the most in my life.


  • German Arzate, Mexican sculptor.

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