Fame and art on the work of “Sebastian” – German Arzate Garza

Presenting with effort but at the same time successfully artistic discourse is exalted in two dimensions and seeks to use each movement to not present sentimentality but perception, is what Sebastián (Enrique Carbajal) achieves in each of his representations.

It is not necessary to know the artist to realize that each one of his works expresses a deep reflection that can tuck you for long hours, the same hours that Sebastian dedicates to each of his projects to ensure that you do not lost your admiration and attraction for them; At least that’s what happens to me.

The cultivated history of the Renaissance period and its desire to continue learning more of the history of art, were those elements that left a great impact on the essence of young Enrique Carbajal González, who now many lovers of the plastic arts we know it faithfully as “Sebastian”.


Who’s Sebastian?

Enrique Carbajal was born in the very well known Chihuahua in the last year of 1947, but the true essence that marked a new path that is known as Sebastián, saw the true light in the year of 1968. This name became more than just a card of presentation, became a reminder of a great event in the life of Sebastián, which was when he managed to become honorary member of the Academy of Arts in The Hague, located in the Netherlands.

To take a tour of the different artistic centers and museums of the country, is to travel to a safe meeting to one of the many works that this artistic essence has created in his years of career, moreover, I cannot help but remember that Sebastián’s art and fame has been deserving of many honorable and award-winning distinctions, including the Medaille de la ville de Paris and the Jerusalem Prize.

Among the different features that serve to describe Sebastian is his insatiable curiosity that encourages him to continue investigating and discovering a diversity of topics that not only make him grow intellectually, but also helps to elevate his artistic essence and expression more and more. In the same way, this need to continue investigating and searching, has allowed him to become a full-time researcher for the UNAM; This event highlighted a little more its magnitude, since such an appointment has never been given to an artist in the past, as for many, artists do not investigate, but he has shown the opposite.

An essence that becomes works

To be able to talk about the representation of Sebastián’s essence in his works and what it represents not only for me or for him as an artist, but for a whole culture that has influenced all the Mexican soil, you just need to publish an extensive book that can be appreciated with tranquility and that’s why to say it’s an easy and short race to comment , it would simply be a ruinous and clandestine deception for those who feel the interest of meeting and knowing Him.

His work represents a wide and constant quest to express something much more than a simple combination of geometric forms in compositions presented with subjectivity, it has actually been something more related to show that you can express art in the contemporary, without having to see you influenced by sentimentality and more for free perception and interpretation.

His works are influenced more by scientific intuition than by the emotional, but that particularity is what has helped his presentations obtain a nature of great scale and capacity, so much so that they have managed to excel in the urban space and that in my visits to several cities of the country I have seen and admire.

Whether you are in the Federal District, Chihuahua, Morelia, Toluca, Monterrey and even in Cancun, you will find a granite of the artistic poetry of Sebastian that you will contemplate as I did. The artistic vision of this essence that is Sebastián, has also managed to capture its geometric but artistic vision in various parts of the world, from the distant Switzerland, through Israel, Brazil, Canada, the United States, Japan, and Portugal.

Science and art are part of Sebastián

The ability to be able to mix in a fluent source the intelligence and sensibility of a person to imagine in his mind, transporting them to their hands and taking it to a physical level, is something that we can all achieve, but few are the ones who manage to exploit the real spark that manages to capture the attention of thousands, and that is what Sebastian represents and expresses.

Sebastian becomes the owner and King of Space, which allows him to run free in every space of his imagination, to express and expose everything he has learned in each of his research and studies on geometry. Only a true researcher of the plastic arts is the one who can find a way in which the mathematics functions in his favor so that it manages to enrich all its sculptural work and to take care of the aesthetics of its presentations.

A heart and a docile, expressive and experienced personality, is what upholsters the room that conforms everything that represents Sebastian in this world of hundreds of expressions, but no matter what he does with his hands, he will always appeal to you to have your own opinion of his work, because his works also reflect that freedom of understanding, that many artistic should have and that is what I love about it.

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