A Mexican sculptor must have deep beliefs – German Arzate Garza

I consider myself a Mexican sculptor of deep beliefs. Proud of always representing Mexico in my creative, but also a professional aspect. What are my deepest beliefs?

My deepest belief is the evolution of being; it is the search and the finding of what you are in this life and what you are going to do for yourself, for others and your planet. What are you going to leave behind as a Mexican sculptor? What will your learning be? That is one of the biggest beliefs that sometimes help us to realize or are limiting us.

The idea of a better world, a better country.

As a Mexican sculptor, I have the idea that we can live in a healthy coexistence. It has always been part of my existence, part of my life; it is sometimes difficult to find many people who know many “how about not” things.
I think we better look for the “how about yes.” The “how you can.” “Yes, you can do it.” “Yes, you can achieve it.”

We can live, see how I help you, how you help me, how we help each other. The beliefs that every Mexican creator or sculptor can implant in your family, in your society, in your community, you see them, feel them, live them, sometimes you suffer them and enjoy them, but if you believe them, they are yours.

That happens inside every Mexican sculptor or creator in general.

Sometimes you have limiting beliefs: the “I can not,” the “I should not.” Sometimes as a Mexican sculptor or as a creator, in general, you work with your ego, with your inner self, with your ego without ignoring everything that surrounds us.

That is forming you as a being, that forms you as an artist and sculptor in Mexico, that makes you a person who did not just existed on the planet. If your beliefs are going to be positive, you’re sure going to leave something.

Be very careful with your beliefs as these can lead you to fly very high or very low and if you fly low you will have consequences, and if you fly high, you have to be prepared for strong winds.

Sometimes life gives you many twists of fate … those beliefs have to be well worked out in your person. I personally believe that the beliefs that a Mexican sculptor has are complex.

Because they tell you that you should be as such artist, or apply this technique or whatever is trending at the moment.

I believe that the great Mexican sculptors follow an original approach, a way, an idea full of tenacity … no matter what or against whom you must go, your mission is to reflect what you think.

To visualize your essence, your strength, your impetus in art, your collection of sculptures, your technique, that is one of the most difficult things.

If a Mexican sculptor tells you that he did not follow his beliefs, he was not a great artist.

You have to dream it, suffer it, enjoy it and there it stays, those beliefs of yours as an artist are shaped. It doesn’t matter if they like it or not; those beliefs are embodied in the art that you do. The hardest thing sometimes with beliefs is that you first believe it and say “but where did that belief come from or why do I have this way of thinking and feeling?”

“Why don’t I look like such Mexican sculptor” or “Why not better implement this technique like that artist?”

The most important thing is when an artist puts their beliefs in front and says “this I am going to do and this is how I am going to shape it” and so I will do and execute.

This creates the Mexican sculptor, forges it and makes it great; Thus transcends, lives and also places a perpetuity in his art, legacy, person, individual. But you also are part of a society of a generation, a town and a historical moment.

These beliefs in the Mexican sculptor have to be based on what he feels in his intuition; they are what makes him vibrate. Be very careful, be careful if you do not listen to them.

Good bad or horrible, society often judges you, but who knows that does not affect him, the Mexican sculptor is who lives it inside, who vibrates and who enjoys it.

Only you know if you have the right beliefs or not.

That is the best thing that can happen to you that your well-founded beliefs are well clung to your person and you, how you live and enjoy them.

Every Mexican sculptor knows what makes him/her celebrate life and enjoy his/her work.

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