Contemporary Art celebrates life – German Arzate Garza

Art and the making process of a contemporary sculpture, the celebration is an important moment.

For some people celebration means getting drunk or smoking, or having a lot of money and consequently buying something.

It means something physical.

For an artist that devotes oneself to work on a contemporary sculpture, celebrating is like finding a dream or to give meaning to a dream. An emotion, a feeling, the artistic contribution from an artist to the world, and be able to depict, feel and enjoy how and idea flow through your feelings, and as it flows through your hands and emotions you can portray it…

Is there where the celebration begins, not when the bronze sculpture is done, sometimes is like a spark, a picture that suddenly appears in front of you.

Art of contemporary sculpture sees shapes, is doesn’t matter if it is a cloud or a piece of clay, if it’s a material or existing, the idea can come from a movie, or while being talking with someone, watching pictures or from a dream. That’s how celebration starts, because it gives a greater joy.

For an artist, celebration is living in many ways.

For an artist, celebration isn’t something that can be create the minute the artwork is finished, but from the first idea, from the first thought of how to make an sculpture, how to make modeling clay, how to give finish and textures to the contemporary sculpture.

When you manage this with a contemporary sculpture, you’re in an advance level where you can understand yourself with your own artwork. And it is also a joy when you’re able to show them and watch people’s reaction when they watch them too.

But that is part of a game where the ego can take action: “Admire me because I’m good” And there’s where the confusion comes.

And the artist that created the sculpture can’t lose the ground. You have to remember your talent, the talent that reveals that shape to every sight. Your legacy.

If we recount, works from ancient art were not signed. Signing an artwork is most recently used in contemporary sculptures. At the time, an artist celebration is interesting, but without losing the mind and the artist needs to know how to deal with success.

An artist needs to know that if their bronze sculptures remain in the galleries or in the Louvre Museum, he has to feel the same joy. What it counts is making the celebration something possible.

Sometimes the game of life can be complex for an artist, because he an artist has to work with mixed emotions. Sometimes life can be cruel with the sculptor. An artist needs to recognize between mundane and material.

Celebrating is beautiful but it has its moment and reasons. Sometimes you can celebrate for no reason. You can caress a skin and in your mind that is celebrating. You can touch a flower, giving it a contemporary sculpture’s shape, or watching a sunset, celebration is always there.

An artist can celebrate in many ways, if they like friends, bohemia, or music, knows how to appreciate beautiful art or as is known different.

Because every artist that works with contemporary sculpture shall celebrate the fact that they can beautify the world and have a compromise.

If you don’t contribute, then don’t destroy.

The game of life is interesting and a sculpture artist shall know how to move like a fish, and don’t overthink many things that come with art. But not necessarily celebration.

There are stories about artist that doesn’t know how to balance, we need to learn how to manage the ego and understand if you can do it or not.

In my own case, celebration is something that can exist and I can personally say that celebration is one of the most beautiful things that exist.

I want to show you some of the contemporary sculptures that I’ve made and they try to show and idea of how I celebrate life.


The inspiration source for this sculpture’s name is that it was made the resemblance between an old tortoise and the human, because everyone wants to live a long time, but you should follow a firm step, not a fast pace but one that’ll leave a mark.

Tortuyo is the symbiosis between an animal and the human, an animal like a tortoise and the human could be me or you. A symbiosis between a long-lived tortoise with the human.

Everyone wants t olive a long time, but to get it you have you walk constantly with firm steps. Not a fast pace but one that’ll leave a mark.

This sculpture is the symbiosis between an animal and the human, an animal like a tortoise and the human could be me or you. That’s why its name: Tortuyo


UNO (One)

Uno belongs to the mystic series of my sculptures and it has a big meaning for me because what it represents in these contemporary pieces is a search. It is a way, and the human nature, which in this case represents the combination between a man and a snail.

Like a hermit crab. First is the snail. And there’s where the meaning starts. It has a beginning in the tip like every life’s beginning it starts the spiral with cracks and spikes.

The cracks and spikes mean that how life is. Every crack is challenge or a deception and every spike is a success and at the same time is a trouble.

The spiral’s dualism, every spiral is a year, is a moment and is something that leaves mark on you. The spiral grows as you grow in life, the cracks are deep or longer they make it more beautiful.

Spikes get bigger, but beautiful all the way, strong and solids. I wanted to show a human living in a snail, like a hermit, and as hermits we occupy a place in life.

Sometimes we want to go out and see what’s outside, that human representation, one, oneself that we are. That word it means to me and you, to oneself.

That’s all I want to give with this contemporary sculpture.

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