The artist

German Arzate


Self-taught Mexican sculptor artist. From an early age he had the need to create, using materials that were available in his environment (wire, plasticine, paint, plaster, and wood, among others).

Since the beginning of his work, the fusion of two figures, elements or concepts, has been a constant that always remains, like its dual conception of the world, day and night, the masculine and the feminine, the mystical and the earthly, love and lack of love, human nature and animal. Arzate has developed an own art proposal, where the fascination for the duality in the erotic, mystical, and natural aspects of the human being stands out.

He has made individual exhibitions at the Ministry of Finance (CDMX), at the Museum del Carmen (CDMX) and at the Museum Culhuacan (CDMX), as well as in different particular galleries of Mexico City and the interior of the Republic. His most recent exhibition was done at Agora Gallery New York.

He currently resides and produces in his private studio Taller Uxmal in the city of Cancun.

Germán Arzate-Insight

Mexico City Airport


The Cancun Airport Terminal 3 will host the Insight exhibition. You will witness 12 magnificent works, which express the dualist vision of the Mexican artist Germán Arzate, these will be appreciated daily by thousands of national and foreign visitors. Witness the wonders of sculpture and the power of the ocean, each piece is full of paradisiacal beauty and meaning. The airport is 20 minutes from the city of Cancun and on the Cancun-Chetumal highway.